Rereading Shadow of the Giant

And finally… except not so finally… I have reread Shadow of the Giant. I say “not so finally” because I recently learned that there IS another book in this series! It came out last year while I was looking the other way. With that in mind, much of my former reservations about this book are […]

Rereading Shadow Puppets

Continuing my reread of the shadow series, I find myself getting into Shadow Puppets, the third installment in the series which runs somewhat parallel to the Ender’s Game series. Petra convinces Bean to marry her and have babies early in this book. Since I knew it was coming this time, I didn’t find the idea […]

Rereading Shadow of the Hegemon

After reading Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow, I couldn’t resist rereading the rest of the Shadow series. I confess I don’t feel the same way about the parallel Ender series. I may get there, but as I mentioned in my recent review of Ender’s Shadow, I just love Bean as a character more than Ender. […]

Rereading Ender’s Shadow

Ender’s Shadow is a companion novel to the better-known Ender’s Game, a parallel story told from the point of view of another character — Bean. I loved Ender’s Game (as you can see in my recent review of that book), but I love this one even more. I give Ender’s Game 5 stars, but I […]

Rereading Ender’s Game

After watching the movie, I decided it was time to reread a fondly remembered book that I first read back in college, and have already reread once around the time my son was born eight years ago. This was my third look at Ender’s Game, and I doubt it will be my last. If that […]

Book Review: Alien vs. Alien

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no idea why I’m reading this series. It’s cheesy. And it’s corny. With extra cheese. And I don’t like corn with cheese on it. The dish makes no sense. I like both corn and cheese, but when you put them together you can barely […]

Free Short Story: Betrayal

The world is glued to the television in an all-too familiar scene as disaster strikes. This time, it’s an alien fleet attacking the Earth. And the threat is bigger — more real — than it has ever been before. But there is one difference. One of the people watching is an alien. And Liz knows […]

New Interview

A new interview went live today…this one with a few questions I haven’t already answered. 🙂 Check it out at Entropy Central.

Book Review: Alien Proliferation

This series manages to remain engaging as our heroine, Kitty, gives birth in a rather dramatic (melodramatic?) way. Her husband, Jeff, survives her labor pains — barely. Then, of course, all heck breaks loose. An old friend from high school barely escapes goons intent on killing her, there are traitors who need unmasking, and evil […]