Book Review: Alien vs. Alien

Alien vs. Alien (Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #6)I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I have no idea why I’m reading this series. It’s cheesy. And it’s corny. With extra cheese. And I don’t like corn with cheese on it. The dish makes no sense. I like both corn and cheese, but when you put them together you can barely taste the cheese. Which is a net neutral for the corn and a net negative for the cheese. This series is a lot like that. I suppose I’ll have to call it my guilty pleasure and get on with the review. 🙂

The book begins with an attempt to blackmail Kitty using faked photos of her and Chuckie (her old boyfriend, who her husband is insanely jealous of, in case you haven’t kept up) in an intimate situation. From there it does the usual escalation to end-of-the-world danger. Kitty does her sassy shoot-from-the-hip heroine thing where her insights somehow manage to save the day despite the fact that she refuses to do any studying to learn details that might help her understand the first thing about her resources. (ie “read the boring briefing books”)

This story is told in an over-the-top superhero comic style that is just a lot of fun to read with your brain off. At least, it must be since I keep coming back for more. Like I said, it’s a guilty pleasure.

Rating: 3/5

Title: Alien vs. Alien
Author: Gini Koch
ISBN: 0756407702
Published December 2012

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