TV Review: Jane the Virgin

Let me start by saying that this is not the sort of thing I normally watch. I do enjoy romance in books, but rarely in TV or movies, and my impression when I saw this recommended by TV Guide was that I’d watch the first episode, dismiss it as crap, and move on with my […]

Book Review: The River of no Return

Well-constructed, well-told, well-characterized… these are phrases I so rarely associate with time travel that I had no choice but to give this book five stars! What a great read. I could not put this down. My only reservation about this book is that the ending called for a sequel, yet an Internet search shows no […]

Book Review: Werewolf in Alaska

I’m being more critical of this book than I probably should be because quite frankly, it’s time for this series to end. I’ve never been hugely fond of Thompson’s take on werewolves. I went with it anyway because she has an engaging style and makes me laugh, and I’ve always felt that was the intention. […]

Virtual Book Tours: Wise Investment or Waste of Money?

Across the Internet and around social media the word is out: Authors, virtual book tours are the key to success! I bought into this in a big way last year when Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective came out. I was desperate to make a splash, especially since there’s an entire series behind that title. Since May […]

Book Review: Stonewiser, The Heart of the Stone

Stonewiser Saraiah was raised to believe that the Stonewiser’s Guild stands for truth and justice. But when she nearly dies wising twin stones no sane person would touch, she learns that the stone truth may not be as it appears. Deception surrounds her and the rebllious Sariah sets off on her own desperate quest for […]

Tips for Writers: Thank You

There is a good reason that we call “please” and “thank you” magic words. The hold within them the simple power of politeness and the fathomless power of professionalism. Whether you’re an amateur or published pro, you need to get used to saying the words “thank you” and then stop talking. The part where you […]

Book Review: Alif the Unseen

I really enjoyed this story. It begins with Alif, who helps people hide from the government on the Internet, suffer from woman problems — a rich girl he fell in love with is marrying another man. When she says it’s best if she never sees him again, he takes this to heart — he writes […]

Rereading Shadow of the Giant

And finally… except not so finally… I have reread Shadow of the Giant. I say “not so finally” because I recently learned that there IS another book in this series! It came out last year while I was looking the other way. With that in mind, much of my former reservations about this book are […]

Rereading Shadow Puppets

Continuing my reread of the shadow series, I find myself getting into Shadow Puppets, the third installment in the series which runs somewhat parallel to the Ender’s Game series. Petra convinces Bean to marry her and have babies early in this book. Since I knew it was coming this time, I didn’t find the idea […]

Rereading Shadow of the Hegemon

After reading Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow, I couldn’t resist rereading the rest of the Shadow series. I confess I don’t feel the same way about the parallel Ender series. I may get there, but as I mentioned in my recent review of Ender’s Shadow, I just love Bean as a character more than Ender. […]