Tips for Writers: Thank You

There is a good reason that we call “please” and “thank you” magic words. The hold within them the simple power of politeness and the fathomless power of professionalism.

Whether you’re an amateur or published pro, you need to get used to saying the words “thank you” and then stop talking. The part where you stop talking is important. Though you may have to grit your teeth as you say it (Behold the power of the Internet, for no one can see the expression on your face only the words on your fingertips!), saying thank you even when someone just belittled your life’s work scores you points in the end.

You may find it hard to believe, but any publicity is good publicity. The fact that someone is talking about your book, even in a bad way, means that it was worth talking about. People are more likely to remember that they’d seen your book somewhere before than that some reviewer didn’t like it, especially if other reviewers do like it. But there is one thing they will remember if you rise to the bait — YOUR lack of professionalism. If you argue with the reviewer or say anything other than “thank you,” it will be noticed.

There is a growing trend of hot-headed authors out there misusing the power and anonymity of the Internet. Yes, it gives us unprecedented abilities to connect with our fans, but with great power comes… yaddah yaddah yaddah. You know what I mean. 🙂

It may interest you to know that years after I’ve had some of my books reviewed, readers have remembered me as being “a nice person.” Even reviewers who gave my book a lukewarm 3 or 3.5-star review have said so, and been interested in reading more. Why? What magic did I perform?

Thank you. And I stopped talking. 🙂

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