Book Review: Werewolf in Alaska

Werewolf in Alaska (Wild About You, #5)I’m being more critical of this book than I probably should be because quite frankly, it’s time for this series to end. I’ve never been hugely fond of Thompson’s take on werewolves. I went with it anyway because she has an engaging style and makes me laugh, and I’ve always felt that was the intention. I didn’t even go into reading this book with particularly high expectations, I just wanted a lightly amusing read. But this book forgot to bring the funny, and I have rarely felt more like I was reading the exact same book all over again with the exact same set of character and circumstances. “I shouldn’t be dating you because you’re human and I’m a werewolf” doesn’t work five times straight. The concept has played out. Time to move on.

I’m certainly not sure why these two people needed so desperately to get together, or what, exactly, made them soulmates. Actually, I hate to say it but I was feeling pretty compelled by WARM (werewolves against random matings) by the end of this book and I’m completely buying that humans and werewolves shouldn’t mate. I’m ready to become an active member. Where do I sign up?

Rating: 2/5

Title: Werewolf in Alaska

Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson

Published July 2013

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