Life Cycle of a Novel: Slow and Steady

There are a lot of approaches to writing a rough draft. Some do it in spurts, writing tends of thousands of words in a few days. I’m more of a slow and steady kind of writer. I set measured weekly goals that I break down into daily goals — although if I’m on a roll […]

New Interview

A new interview went live today…this one with a few questions I haven’t already answered. 🙂 Check it out at Entropy Central.

Tips for Writers: Inspiration on Endings from Jim Butcher

Tuesday night, I attended a Q&A and book signing with Jim Butcher. I went as a fan, not a writer, and most of the questions he answered were fan-based questions about characters and plots. He received a surprising number of questions from people who seemed to want spoilers. (Really? Don’t you want to enjoy making […]

The Joys of Quitting

It’s been many months since I last talked about what I’m working on now. As of Friday, the answer is, “Nothing!” and strangely, I find myself really wanting to talk about that. Much more so, in fact, than the project I’ve been struggling with for the past four months, which should tell you something about […]

Writing Workshops

This month, I have been teaching a workshop on beginnings through an on-line chapter of the RWA. I teach workshops from time to time, usually at (in fact, I’m teaching Beginnings there in July, and a Scifi/Fantasy World Building workshop early next year), and I find I quite enjoy it. The young writers who […]

Cassie’s Story is Complete

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent the last year and nine months (since February of 2009, when inspiration struck), working on a series of books subtitled: A Paranormal Mystery.  (Yes, the “para” in paranormal is struck through, at least for the first two books in the series. I admit, this seemed cleverer […]

Paranormal Series Moving Along

I finished a solid draft of “Songbird,” the second book in my Paranormal Mystery series. Since I Only came up with the concept about this time last year, I feel like I’m making excellent progress and best of all, I’m still excited about the story. (When I’m not having the usual author doubts….you know the […]

New Novels Update

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog and I apologize. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been so wrapped up in writing my new series that I can scarcely think of anything else. I can say without hesitation that what I’m writing now is the best work I’ve done. […]

The Immortality Virus

I realized today that I forgot to update my blog about the completion of my new science fiction novel, The Immortality Virus. I finished the book in November and am now shopping it around. The Immortality Virus is set in a world in which humanity has stopped growing old thanks to an unknown change that […]

When I Have Time to Write…

I haven’t posted a lot about my current projects, mostly because past telling you that there are new novels forthcoming, it’s not interesting to talk about the day in, day out process of writing. But as I’m currently stuck and have nothing better to do, I thought I’d give you an update. :=) I’m working […]