Paranormal Series Moving Along

I finished a solid draft of “Songbird,” the second book in my Paranormal Mystery series. Since I Only came up with the concept about this time last year, I feel like I’m making excellent progress and best of all, I’m still excited about the story. (When I’m not having the usual author doubts….you know the ones I mean.) My biggest challenge right now is secret pacing. There are a lot of things I’m excited for the reader to learn but I need to find the right balance between revealing enough to keep the reader interested and revealing so much that there’s no longer any point to finishing. I’m beginning to think I’m not very good at keeping secrets because my bubbling tendency is to spill all.

While Songbird is getting its behind kicked by some kind peer reviewers, I am going agent shopping for its prequel, Kiss of Death. I’ll be querying a lot of agents, but what I really need is one who not only likes fantasy, but also mystery and romance.It may be a tough sell to the romance crowd since the love story takes all 4 books to resolve, but IMO, that is still its primary classification. It’s a love story. It’s also a fantasy, a mystery, and a coming of age story.

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