Book Review: Cold Days by Jim Butcher

Dresden is BACK! Not that I was worried, but after the disappointing Ghost Days (#13), I was eager to reconnect with the Harry I knew. Cold Days is the 14th (yes, that’s right) novel in an impressively long series — impressive because I’m still eager for more! This series doesn’t stagnate. With each new book, […]

Book Review: Fallen

Gabriel St. John is a demon, trapped in the city of New Orleans, cursed by his own sins. Sent as an angel to help humanity, he fell under the influence of alcohol addiction, and now if he is with a woman, she becomes hopelessly addicted to him. He hasn’t touched alcohol or a woman in […]

Book Review: Whispers in the Dark

Nathan Kelly has hit rock bottom. Imprisoned, tortured, all hope gone, he’s ready for death to claim him when he hears an angel inside his mind. Only its not an angel, it’s a woman with psychic powers reaching out to him from the other side of the world. With her help, he escapes, returns to […]

Book Review: Justice

First thing’s first: This book is a sequel, but not to a book that called for a sequel. It’s the sequel to a book I basically liked, and has managed to ruin any fond memories I might have harbored. Jessica and Mark had a nice little adventure in Pursuit after Jessica survived a car crash […]

Book Review: The Darkest Hour

Ethan believes his wife is dead. She died in a plane crash one year ago, and he buried her. Except now, a year later, someone sends him evidence that she’s not as dead as he though and is, in fact, being held captive in some South American hell hole. Ethan and his brothers, mercenaries by […]

The Restorer (Graveyard Queen #1)

Since the age of 9, Amealia has been able to see ghosts. Her father warned her never to let them know she could see them, and never to get involved with someone who was haunted. She’s about to break those rules. A body is found in one of the graveyards she’s restoring. A bit fresh, […]

Island of Secrets

Allegra is a paranormal investigator whose toe twitches whenever something unusual comes too near. Well, at least, that’s what happened in the first books in this series. She cut her toe big time on a coral reef early in this book and her radar was off. She’s got a sexy guardian angel named Casper who […]

Book Review: Copper Beach

I am often wary of posting cover art for romance novels (even mixed suspense/fantasy romance novels like this one) because of the god-awful covers, but I have to say: I like this one! The colors pop, and the topless man with the ripped muscles looks like he actually has something interesting on his mind besides […]

Book Review: Prey

Prey is a romantic suspense set in the wilderness, complete with deadly thunderstorms, a sociopath, and a man-eating bear. Between the weather, the wildlife, and the dark side of humanity, Angie is in a world of trouble. We begin with Angie, who had made a living taking tour groups (mostly hunters) into the Montana wilderness […]

Book Review: Canyons of Night

Get ready for it: This is book number 12 in the Arcane Society Series, number 3 in the Looking Glass Trilogy, and Harmony number 8. Got all that? Good, because judging from the way this book ended, I think it may also be the first book in another subseries. 🙂 This is Jayne Castle, aka […]