Book Review: Justice

First thing’s first: This book is a sequel, but not to a book that called for a sequel. It’s the sequel to a book I basically liked, and has managed to ruin any fond memories I might have harbored. Jessica and Mark had a nice little adventure in Pursuit after Jessica survived a car crash that killed the first lady of the US. They ran away from some bad guys, nearly got killed a few times, had some steamy sex, and got together at the end. It wasn’t brilliant, but I enjoyed it.

Then I Picked up this book, not even realizing that it was a sequel, just noting that I hadn’t read a book by Robards in a while and that I was in the mood for her usual formula — brainless suspense that is fast-paced, easy to read, and very predictably good without being very good or great. Well, I suppose there had to be one that really blew it. After all, she wrote one that surprised me in the other direction (Vanished). 🙂

So yeah. Jessica and Mark apparently broke up after their HEA in book one. That really threw me for a loop right there. I mean, WHAT? He was apparently kissing her boss so she broke up with him. (Good decision!) He has some vague internal thoughts about how he was probably subconsciously trying to sabotage the relationship because…blah blah blah blah blah. I really didn’t care to see these two get back together again. Which isn’t to say that I wanted them to stay broken up, just that I didn’t care. And it’s kind of like, so what if they get back together again? You ruined the HEA once, what’s to say you won’t do it again?

Plus, the mystery/suspense was weak. It took forever for anyone to even realize anyone was dead, which seemed a little weird to me given all the clues popping up. In fact, there wasn’t really a clear, focused goal here. Someone did try to kill Jessica again, but I can’t honestly say the story was about that as it didn’t stop her from going to work.

And while I’m busily trashing the book, can I just say that there was a very random, very useless, very lame ghost that appeared in the book. You know…write a paranormal…don’t write a paranormal…but don’t suddenly have a ghost appear in the second book of a series that has not demonstrated any propensity for that kind of thing at all. Kind of gave me whiplash wondering what that ghost was doing there. Oh, and the answer is nothing at all. The ghost wasn’t even particularly good scenery.

Let’s see, what else…Oh yeah. I don’t like Jessica anymore. She’s a defense lawyer on the fast track who is more into her career than anything else. At the very beginning of the story, she is defending a rapist she feels is probably guilty. And I realize that there are people out there that do that, and that it’s a critical part of our justice system, but I guess I don’t have the “lawful good” outlook on morality such a job requires. If a guy’s a rapist, he’s scum, and so is anyone who defends him, especially if they know or even strongly suspect that he’s guilty.

In addition to not liking the kind of person who can do this, I found her a bit inconsistent. On the one hand, she’s all for getting the promotions and making it big, but on the other hand, she’s investigating things that are, at the least, likely to get her fired. Her concern over Tiffany, the rape victim, just didn’t jibe with the rest of what was going on here. I could see her trying to figure out what happened to Allison, her predecessor, but Tiffany? Didn’t buy it.

Oh, and I didn’t buy the ending. I won’t spoil it, even though I don’t think you should read this, because if I really haven’t given you enough reasons to stay away from this book….

I really hope there won’t be another sequel. I definitely won’t read it. I would rather reread Twilight. And if you know me, you know that’s saying something!


Rating: 1/5


Title: Justice

Author: Karen Robards

ISBN: 1441843078

Published July 19, 2011

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