Book Review: Canyons of Night

Get ready for it: This is book number 12 in the Arcane Society Series, number 3 in the Looking Glass Trilogy, and Harmony number 8. Got all that? Good, because judging from the way this book ended, I think it may also be the first book in another subseries. 🙂

This is Jayne Castle, aka Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Amanda Quick, probably aka something else among her friends. 🙂 We’re on Harmony, a future world initially accessed through a wormhole and then cut off from earth, leaving the natives to fend for themselves as they uncover the many varied secrets of the new planet.

In this book, another new secret: A strange area called the preserve, protected by a border few can even penetrate. There’s something weird in there, and many who have gone looking for it never came out.

Fascinated? Okay, me too. Wish we’d gotten some answers is this book, but like I said, I’m thinking this is also the first book in a new series (duo, trio?) about this particular aspect of the planet. If it’s not….ahem! (Jayne, you can consider that my official protest and call to arms. 🙂 )

Actually, this was a good read, despite not learning the tantalizing secret. Charlotte and Slade were good characters, not as epic as some of her recent arcane couples (but in a good way). There was more romance than suspense/mystery in this one, a bit of a switch from recent trends, but not an unwelcome one.

This was a quick, cozy read. I recommend if you’re into Jayne Castle (under whichever name).

Title: Canyons of Night
Author: Jayne Castle
ISBN: 0749956070
Published August 30, 2011

Posted in Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Science Fiction.

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