Island of Secrets

Allegra is a paranormal investigator whose toe twitches whenever something unusual comes too near. Well, at least, that’s what happened in the first books in this series. She cut her toe big time on a coral reef early in this book and her radar was off. She’s got a sexy guardian angel named Casper who she loves but can’t have. Other than that, life is great — she’s got a job in paradise (the south pacific), helping to stop a war between the Mers and the Goblins by tracking down stolen treasure. Rrrrrrrr!

Disclaimer: I once again picked up a series out of order. I really need to stop doing that, although in this case, I really had no trouble figuring out what was going on. Allegra definitely has a social life and friends that carry over from book to book, but the case was very self-contained. This series did not strike me as absolutely needing to be read in order, although of course, it always helps!

If you’re a mystery lover who likes things weird, this is probably a good choice for you. This book was also classified as romance, but very little actually happened on that front. Casper was spending time with another woman, which was driving Allegra crazy because: 1.) He can’t be with a woman or it will take him even longer to get to heaven and 2.) If he is going to be with a woman, then why not Allegra? I don’t think it helped that I never believed for a moment that he was really *with* this other woman.

Allegra herself is the type that rushes headlong into danger, but since Casper is there to save her whenever she does, it makes her more amusing and far less annoying than the usual type who run headlong into danger. (Something I’ve complained about before.) Not a lot of danger tension, though.

Which brings me back to my bottom line: If you’re a mystery lover who likes it weird, this might be for you. The heroine has some attitude and some quirky friends, and of course, there’s treasure!

Rating: 3/5

Title: Island of Secrets
Author: Janni Nell
ISBN: 9781426894053
Publication Date: July 9, 2012

I received this title through Net Galley. I was not obligated to review it, and my opinions are my own.

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