Characters Welcome: Mariko Oshiro

I didn’t exactly meet Mariko Oshiro. Better to say she forced herself on me.   I never intended to write a book about her, but Mariko tends to get what she wants. She’s the only woman in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to have earned the rank of Detective Sergeant, and that means she’s exceptionally […]

Book Review: Perfect Timing

I love fantasy. I love romance. So when I found out one of my favorite romance authors had decided to delve into fantasy I was excited. Nervous, but excited. I confess myself disappointed. Strangely enough, the problem with this book wasn’t the magic. That’s what I thought the problem would be. Usually when a romance […]

Cassie Scot Takes the Silver in the Global Ebook Awards

Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective won its first award last week! You may recognize the Global Ebook contest from two years ago, when The Immortality Virus won in the science fiction category. I’m very excited that my new series is off to such a strong start! I’m even more excited by all the positive reviews and reader […]

Secrets and Lies Cover Art Reveal

Ural Akyutz once again provided the cover artwork for this book. With the cover art in, we can now OFFICIALLY say that the release date for Secrets and Lies is November 15, 2013. The book will be available in ebook, paperback, and if I can manage to get it recorded by then, audiobook. (I’m hoping […]

Book Review: Ill WInds

I had trouble getting into this story, but it rallied at the end. Joanna is on the run when the story unfolds, but the reason why doesn’t come clear until about halfway through. Oh, we get hints, but not the full story. She just talks about the “demon mark” as if a reader new to […]

Characters Welcome: The Curse Giver

Hi, my name is Dora Machado and I’m doing something a little bit unusual but very fun today. I’m interviewing one of the characters of my new fantasy novel, The Curse Giver. But first, let me tell you a little about the story. The Curse Giver is about Lusielle, an innocent healer who is betrayed […]

Book Review: Redoubt

In my review of Changes, I said this series may have lost me. I recently reread my review and remembered my frustration with the slow pace of this series and in that case the sheer repetitiveness of it. I did pick up the next book in the series (obviously), mostly on the strength of Lackey’s […]

Characters Welcome: Elisha Barber

I’m pleased to have E. C. Ambrose here today to talk about Elisha Barber, the hero of a brand-new historical fantasy novel by the same name. Author and hero have known one another for ten years, and it began in blood… Characters Welcome About Elisha Barber England in the fourteenth century: a land of poverty and […]

Characters Welcome: Phoebe Wynne

Characters Welcome is pleased to introduce Phoebe Wynne, one of the original James Towne colonists who disappeared into the mists. Here she is in her own words… My name is Phoebe Wynne. I originally hail from Dorset, England. In 1609, I sailed the Atlantic with my momma to James Towne, Virginia. Poppa was on another […]