Book Review: Redoubt

In my review of Changes, I said this series may have lost me. I recently reread my review and remembered my frustration with the slow pace of this series and in that case the sheer repetitiveness of it. I did pick up the next book in the series (obviously), mostly on the strength of Lackey’s reputation.

I’m going to start by backtracking a bit because when I thought I was reading this book, it turned out I had accidentally picked up book three again and read the first couple of chapters before I realized that it was one I’d already read. That says a lot more about Changes than Redoubt, but mostly because of one important point I feel very strongly about:

Long descriptions of sporting events do not belong in fiction. Wow! They’re boring.

Redoubt was actually a turning point for this series in a good way. I do at least see myself picking up the next book and finishing. This book got going almost halfway through when Mags gets kidnapped and starts to learn a bit about where he came from. After that things got interesting. I’m curious where this is going.

I do wish I knew how many books were planned for this series. There’s a reason I have that information on my website (under “Books -> Cassie Scot series”). I want to know if there’s an end in sight here. If anyone knows, I hope you’ll leave a comment!

Rating 3/5

Title: Redoubt
Author: Mercedes Lackey
ISBN: 0756407451
Published October 2, 2012

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