Pump Up Your Book (+Kindle Fire Giveaway!)

My virtual blog tour begins today! Pump Up Your Book is sponsoring my three-month tour, which includes a KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY! To sign up for your chance to win, just go to my tour page at Pump Up Your Book and sign up! First stop: A book review at Sara’s Organized Chaos. A complete list […]

Cassie Scot Available for Pre-Order

Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective is available for pre-order through Barnes and Noble and Amazon! The ebook has been available for a little over a month, but now we’re gearing up for the full release on May 15th, not even a week away! You can pre-order the print version of Cassie Scot through Barnes and Noble […]

Book Review: Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time Book 11)

After a disappointing volume that left the series in a holding pattern, this book was like the arrow suddenly released from the bow. Mat and Perrin in particular underwent huge strides forward. I’d even say that they both changed somewhat. Perrin learned he was willing to do anything to protect his wife, and Mat…well, I’m […]

Top 5 Painful Put Down Moments of 2012

This list is a little late in coming. It’s more the sort of thing to post on New Year’s Eve or maybe New Year’s Day. But I read most of these books in the summer of 2012, kept a running list, and then just plain forgot about it until I started cleaning out my drafted […]

The One-Word Sentence

These days, fiction writing is a somewhat less formal affair than it has been in the past. All-knowing narrators who set the stage with passages of elegant prose have largely made way for limited omniscient narrators who share the voice and attitudes of a single character. Those characters voices can still be elegant, flowery, and […]

Book Review: Crossroads of Twilight (Wheel of Time Book 10)

Last week, I finished REreading the Wheel of Time. Now, I work towards the end, beginning with Crossroads of Twilight, the 10th book in the epic series. Winter’s Heart involved a huge turning point, one that I had hoped would spell a new direction for the series that had begun to slow to a crawl. […]

Free Short Story: Betrayal

The world is glued to the television in an all-too familiar scene as disaster strikes. This time, it’s an alien fleet attacking the Earth. And the threat is bigger — more real — than it has ever been before. But there is one difference. One of the people watching is an alien. And Liz knows […]

Mindful Eating Revelations: Do I really want to eat this?

I don’t really like waffles. I certainly don’t love them. Oh, they’re okay. I don’t DISlike them. They’re fine. Just… just fine. Really. Fine. One of the things I’m working on doing as part of my mindful eating approach is to stop eating foods I don’t thoroughly enjoy. Mindful eating isn’t about counting calories (though […]

Book Review: Iced

14-year-old Dani from the Fever series is super-speeding through Dublin, living large and generally trying to be a superhero. But she isn’t the fastest or strongest thing on the streets, and one of those faster/stronger things — Ryodin — forces her to work for him. Something is icing people and fae alike. Who? Why? And […]