Cassie Scot Available for Pre-Order


Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective is available for pre-order through Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

The ebook has been available for a little over a month, but now we’re gearing up for the full release on May 15th, not even a week away! You can pre-order the print version of Cassie Scot through Barnes and Noble or Amazon today.

Next week, Cassie will be going on tour. Pump Up Your Book is hosting a three-month tour of my novel including reviews, interviews, guest posts, and spotlights. Plus, there’s going to be a kindle fire givea

I’m also doing a release-day review tour with Innovative Online Tours. Ten reviews all on Wednesday. I hope they like it!
way at the end of it all. (More details next week!)


Cassie Scot is the ungifted daughter of powerful sorcerers, born between worlds but belonging to neither. At 21, all she wants is to find a place for herself, but earning a living as a private investigator in the shadow of her family’s reputation isn’t easy. When she is pulled into a paranormal investigation, and tempted by a powerful and handsome sorcerer, she will have to decide where she truly belongs.

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Publisher: Twilight Times Books

Print ISBN: 978-1-60619-275-7

eBook ISBN: 978-1-60619-274-0

Publication Date: May 15, 2013

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