Book Review: Werewolf in Seattle

Vicki Lewis Thompson has a wonderfully engaging style that swept me away as I read her nerd romance novels. The humor and romance has kept me reading the werewolf series as well, but I have to admit I wish she’d move on to something else. I don’t think she will because she seemed to have set up a sequel, but I have to hope.

The problem is the same problem I’ve had ever since I started reading her werewolf stories. I don’t believe the werewolves. That’s a problem for a fantasy fan. The wolves aren’t all that magical, they don’t seem fierce (more like puppies), and the mating thing is utterly absurd. I think it was supposed to be funny at first that wolves couldn’t reproduce until they went through a mating ritual involving (brace yourself) doing it doggie-style, but I didn’t think it was funny. I have also never wished more fervently that an author would ignore internal consistency and break her own established rule in future novels. I almost thought she would try to get around it in this book — it seemed like the two might accidentally bond/mate.

I can’t recommend the werewolf romance novels to fantasy fans. If you’re a Vicki Lewis Thompson fan and aren’t as disappointed by her version of wolves as me, enjoy!

If you’ve never read Thompson, try her nerd romance novels. Funny and romantic.

Rating: 2.5/5

Title: Werewolf in Seattle
Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
ISBN: 0451237323
Released April 3, 2012

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