TV Review: “Into the Dark” (Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 2)

The second episode of the new series and we’re once again facing … Daleks. I have to admit, I groaned when I saw the preview. How many times is The Doctor going to destroy the entire Dalek race before they’re actually gone?

But this time The Doctor is faced with a Dalek who seems to have seen the light and become a good Dalek. He doesn’t believe it, but he agrees to help the damaged Dalek. He, Clara, and three others are miniaturized and go inside the Dalek to find the problem.

This was one of those darker, more philosophical episodes, in which The Doctor must take a cold, hard look inside himself. Cappelli pulled off those moments well. The chemistry between The Doctor and companion Clara was much better here. And we now have two people who have died around The Doctor going to “heaven” or “paradise.” Hmmm…

I do hope the next episode is lighter. The first two Cappelli episodes have him coming across as entirely stoic, with none of the underlying humor I’m used to. Or maybe those moments got lost in translation.

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