Movie Review: The Lego Movie

My 8-year-old son has been excited by the prospect of watching the Lego Movie for months, ever since he found out it was coming to the theaters. I confess, I did not share his enthusiasm. So much so that this morning, when the family decided to take the kids to the movie, I almost didn’t go. Wow, would that ever have been a mistake!

This movie is awesome. It ranks right up there with Shrek (the first one) and Cars (again, the first one). It had something in it for everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE. There was nonstop action, one-liners than never stopped coming, jokes that appealed to adults, jokes that appealed to kids, moments everyone was laughing at together, and to tie it all into a nice little bow — a moral that kids of all ages can appreciate.

The movie starts off with Emmett, a regular construction worker. Your “everyman” if you will — just one of the crew building lego skyscrapers exactly according to the instructions. He and the crew sang “Everything is awesome!” for hours while they worked. But when the workday is done and Emmett’s instructions are blown away by the wind, he has to chase after them and he gets involved in stopping a dastardly plot to “kragle” the world.” (Krazy Glue — some of the letters are obscured.)

This is a story about using your imagination. It’s about ordinary people making a difference. I cannot recommend it enough, and not just to kids or parents.

If you have kids, take them.

If you don’t have kids, borrow some (convince the parents you’re doing them a favor 🙂 ).

If you can’t find any kids to borrow, then just go! You don’t need an excuse. Grown ups can play with legos too. And they can definitely enjoy this movie!

I don’t get a lot of chances to watch movies at the theater. This was a treat, worth every penny.

Note for parents of very young children (5 and under): There is nothing inherently inappropriate in this movie. There are some explosions and some lasers, and a lot of nonstop action. It’s all with minifigs and doesn’t look real. My biggest concern as a parent would be for kids who are easily overstimulated. As much as my 8-year-old loved it, he was such a child and would not have enjoyed it before he was 5. (He would have hidden his face in my chest.) This movie was not made with the 5 and under crowd in mind. This isn’t to discourage you, just to say “know your kids.”

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