Edits are in for Mind Games

Mind Games is book #3 (of 4) in the Cassie Scot Series. It follows Secrets and Lies, which you’re going to be hearing a lot more about as soon as I receive cover art. 🙂

Mind Games is the book that I think is the biggest turning point. For various reasons that I will share later, it was the hardest one for me to write, but after writing it, it was the easiest for me to revise. There was a point shortly before I let these books out into the world when I thoroughly revised the first two books and rewrote (ground up — reused two scenes) the last. But Mind Games stayed largely intact through all of that upheaval.

I can’t wait to share the entire series with the world. It’s driving me crazy to be working ahead, all the while biting my tongue about the exciting new things to come. Eventually people may start talking about which book in the series was their favorite. For me, I think I liked each one a little better than the one that came before.

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