Secrets and Lies Cover Art News

Secrets and Lies, Book 2 in the Cassie Scot Mystery Series, is still expected to be released in a few short months. As some of you know, cover art was the big delay for the first book. I was sure it would be available before Christmas but it took until early February to complete. As pleased as I am with the results I can’t complain too much. If time is what it takes to create beautiful artwork, then so be it. But it has imbued me with a bit of pessimism regarding the timeframe for this process.

This morning I received an initial sketch from the artist who will continue painting covers for this series. I can’t show it to you (those of you who are artists or who have worked with artists before know that these sketches are rough and not meant for the public eye). I will say that I am very excited by the concept and approved it almost exactly the way it was with only a couple of minor color adjustments.

Now comes the part I hate — waiting! I’ve had a glimpse of what can and might be but it will still be a few weeks before the final cover is ready. Hopefully it won’t be months. I might tear my hair out. 🙂

At this point I feel like the release date of September 15 for Secrets and lies may slip to October. I’m not saying anything with certainty, but basically this is how it works: Once the cover art is ready we create print ARCs that can be distributed to early reviewers, some of whom like as much as three months prior to the release date to review a book. Other promotional opportunities sometimes require a few months of lead-in time as well. So unless the final cover art is ready in a week (and it won’t be), we may have to push things back a month.

The eBook version will almost certainly come out sooner for those who are reading the series that way. In fact, if you absolutely can’t wait to read Secrets and Lies, my publisher is selling electronic ARCs (advanced reader copies) through her website. The ARCs have a temporary cover (a simple view of the lake from the first book, but in daytime instead of night — we’re looking at a daytime view for the final cover of Secrets and Lies).

Fair warning: Secrets and Lies ends on a cliffhanger and book 3, Mind Games, won’t be available until early 2014. 🙂

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