Book Review: Death Angel

Drea is ready to break with her mob boyfriend, but getting away from him isn’t easy. He sends dangerous assassin Rousseau after her — a man who knows her intimately — and the chase begins.

This book is one of those that impresses me with its sheer audacity. The dark hero assassin is basically cliche in romance, but how often is the assassin’s mission to kill the heroine? And how often does he actually do it?

Dying and coming back to life is enough to convince anyone to turn a new leaf. But will it save Drea from the mob, and from the man who killed her?

Even knowing and loving Linda Howard as I do, I didn’t think she could successfully pull off this romance. She did. IMHO, of course, but she did.

I highly recommend to fans of romantic suspense, and especially to Linda Howard fans.

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