Edits are back!

I returned the edited version of my novel to the publisher last week. I am relieved, excited, and nervous about it. It’s out of my hands now — but on the other hand, it’s OUT OF MY HANDS! No more tweaking this thing in chapter 6 or reconsidering that flashback in chapter 10. It’s done.

I think it’s good. I think the edits improved the story. I think people will enjoy reading it.

For those of you who are writers, you will recognize the shifting voices of the angel and demon on my shoulders — one telling me I’m great and the other telling me I’m not. For the rest of you, this is normal.

The next step is to wait again. Once the novel comes out, there will be marketing to do, but in the meantime I will just bide my time and continue to work on my second novel, The Immortality Virus. For those who are interested, that novel is pure science fiction. It follows the life of a private investigator, Grace Harper, as she searches for the man who ruined the world some four hundred years before her time (but not too far from now in our time). The rough draft is nearly complete and so far I really like it. I think I have once again inserted a meaningful character story into a science fiction backdrop. I have also been having a lot of fun exploring a future world of my own creation.

As for Touch of Fate, you will know as soon as I do when any new information comes out. Right now, I believe a copy editor is putting all the commas in the right places. :=)

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