Book Review: Dancing with Werewolves

Delilah Street is an orphan, supposedly named after the street on which she was abandoned. She lives in a world where magic is “out” and weather witches don’t just alter the weather — they report it. Delilah is a reporter at a station where “Dead Ted” — a vampire — anchors the news. Delilah’s life […]

Book Review: In Too Deep

This tenth volume in the Arcane Society series finally gets us up close and personal with Fallon Jones, head of the J&J investigative agency. Fallon is a chaos theory talent — he sees order in chaos, connections where none seem to exist, and some think that makes him a bit of a conspiracy nut. But […]

Book Review: Midnight Crystal

Midnight Crystal represents the final installment in the Burning Lamp Trilogy, which covers all of Jayne Ann Krentz’s time periods and aliases. In each book, a descendent of Nicolas Winters, who did alchemical experiments on genetic code, is gifted with multiple talents that seem to be driving him insane. Only with the help of the […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Purgatory Chasm

Guest review by Austin Morgan Steve Ulfelder’s Purgatory Chasm is a great way to start off a writing career.  I get to read a lot of debut novels, frequently before they are published.  I feel this gives me more experience in identifying some of the foibles new authors frequently work through in the first books.  […]

Book Review and Giveaway: The Calling a DC Gary Goodhew Mystery

Guest review by Austin Morgan Since Karin Slaughter’s Fallen did not quench my need for a good mystery (see the review) I tried again, with far more success. DC Gary Goodhew is a traditional police procedural protagonist.  He is thorough, dependable, quirky and very likeable.  He also lives in Cambridge, England.  If you were wondering […]

Book Review and Giveaway: Fallen

Guest review by Austin Morgan I have been in the mood for a good mystery so I decided to sign up for’s First Reads.  This is a great service in which you can sign up to receive books either before or just after they are released.  The first book I received was Karin Slaughter’s […]

Book Review: Deadly Night

Title: Deadly Night Author: Heather Graham Genre: Paranormal Mystery Deadly Night is a paranormal mystery set in post-Katrina New Orleans when Aidan Flynn finds two human bones. The authorities are initially uninterested, because graves have been disturbed in the flooding and finding a bone isn’t as unusual as it once was, but Aidan, a private […]

Book Review: Up Close and Dangerous

Title: Up Close and Dangerous Author: Linda Howard Genre: Romantic suspense Few authors can put together an exciting and romantic tale the way Linda Howard can. For pure, undiluted entertainment it doesn’t get any better, and Up Close and Dangerous is no exception. Bailey and Cam don’t like each other much, but when their small […]