Book Review: Midnight Crystal

Midnight Crystal represents the final installment in the Burning Lamp Trilogy, which covers all of Jayne Ann Krentz’s time periods and aliases. In each book, a descendent of Nicolas Winters, who did alchemical experiments on genetic code, is gifted with multiple talents that seem to be driving him insane. Only with the help of the burning lamp — and a woman who can manipulate dreamlight energy — can he be saved from insanity.

To be honest, I haven’t loved the burning lamp trilogy. This one brought the same myths and legends forward into the future on Harmony, a distant planet cut off from earth some 200 years in its past, and felt like the same story all over again. Insert dreamlight reader who has never been able to sleep with anyone before her one true love shows up. Winters descendant who thinks he’s going crazy, isn’t really, but needs dreamlight lady to help stabilize him. As far as romance and magic, it left me feeling flat. Even the revelation of the midnight crystal didn’t inspire me.

On the other hand, the mystery element of the story was decent. It came together very well at the end and kept me guessing.

I recommend this to Jayne Ann Krentz fans. If you’re not already a fan, I suggest going back to the start of the Arcane Society series (which this one overlaps).

Rating: 3/5

Title: Midnight Crystal
Author: Jaynce Castle
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Mystery
Published August 31, 2010

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