Book Review: Deadly Night

Title: Deadly Night

Author: Heather Graham

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Deadly Night is a paranormal mystery set in post-Katrina New Orleans when Aidan Flynn finds two human bones. The authorities are initially uninterested, because graves have been disturbed in the flooding and finding a bone isn’t as unusual as it once was, but Aidan, a private investigator from Florida there to claim an inheritance, won’t let it go. During the course of his investigation, he’ll uncover some interesting family history and the truth behind the ghost stories surrounding his ancestral home. He’ll also get involved with Kendall Montgomery, who is in danger of becoming a serial killer’s next victim.

This was a captivating story from start to finish, one that kept me guessing until the end. I have to admit that the romantic subplot failed for me, but I forgave it on the strength of the mystery. The paranormal element in this book, which largely involved ghosts, was subtle and well done. I recommend this book to those who enjoy mysteries and ghost stories.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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