The Joys of Quitting

It’s been many months since I last talked about what I’m working on now. As of Friday, the answer is, “Nothing!” and strangely, I find myself really wanting to talk about that. Much more so, in fact, than the project I’ve been struggling with for the past four months, which should tell you something about […]

It’s Heeeeeeeeeeere!

I’m celebrating today! The Immortality Virus is now FULLY released. You can get it in paperback. You can get a kindle. You can get a nook book. It is, simply, here! If you’re a member of Goodreads, check out my author Q&A, which starts today. Check out My Book Addiction where you can win an […]

T Minus Six Days

I’m in full countdown mode, now that my book release is less than a week away! I know many of you have gone out and purchased the eBook version that is already available (and I thank you), but there is still something magical about the day you can hold the final copy in your hands. […]

Touch of Fate Review

The US Review of Books, which covers the Eric Hoffer Awards, had this to say about Touch of Fate: “This is a strong first novel from an author who understands dialogue and the art of making human exchanges believable. Here is a mystery story wrapped around paranomal events. Marianne can see the future, although what […]

Eric Hoffer Honorable Mention: Touch of Fate

My debut novel, Touch of Fate, received an honorable mention for legacy fiction in the Eric Hoffer 2011 Book Awards. Touch of Fate was published through Twilight Times Books in 2007, and is still available as both a paperback and an ebook. (Amazon has had the kindle version for $2.99 for a couple months now.) […]

Word is Spreading About The Immortality Virus

There have been lots of exciting developments over the past few weeks, especially a number of very positive reviews. I’ve also given several interviews, and will soon be giving away a second copy of The Immortality Virus through Kindle Fever, which was also kind enough to post an interview. And of course, there was the […]

Global eBook Awards

The Immortality Virus has been nominated for the Global eBook awards and I need your help! You can show your support by simply clicking on this link to The Immortality Virus’ Global eBook Award Page and rating the book. Clicking the rightmost “e” means “You gotta read it!” Leaving a comment is also useful, if […]

Virtual Book Tour Starts Today!

The first stop in my virtual book tour is Book Him Danno!. Today, you can read a new review of The Immortality Virus, and tomorrow there will be an interview and GIVEAWAY of The Immortality Virus (ebook).

And the Winner Is…

The winner of the Touch of Fate book giveaway is Judy Cox, who was of the opinion that in the year 2450, we would stop hating one another, try to do good things, and the government would recognize the need for equality for all people. I want to thank everyone who entered my contest, or […]