T Minus Six Days

I’m in full countdown mode, now that my book release is less than a week away! I know many of you have gone out and purchased the eBook version that is already available (and I thank you), but there is still something magical about the day you can hold the final copy in your hands.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll be doing a live, online radio chat at Elemental Musings. It will be at 5:30 central time.

Barnes and Noble still has the best price for the book (that I’m aware of), currently $12.14 if you pre-order it. I have a horrible suspicion that the price will increase after the fifteenth (I have no idea why or how this works — they don’t tell us authors anything — but I know the price of Touch of Fate went up after the release date).

For my husband’s friends and family: If you want a signed copy, you can support your local Hastings in Russellville, AR. I’ll be there on July 2 signing books.

And now…back to your regularly scheduled reviews and writing tips! 🙂

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