CHOU Ottawa

I just had a radio interview with John Akpata at CHUO in Ottawa. It was a great opportunity to talk about my novel and read some excerpts — something I needed to practice doing anyway! John was easy to talk to and made the interview a breeze.Thanks!

Artist First Radio Interview

I had my interview last night with the Artist First Radio Network and I think it went fairly well. It was my first interview, so hopefully I’ll get some of the bugs worked out next time. :=)You can listen to an archived version here.

Getting Books on Bookstore Shelves

As you can imagine, the most common question I get about my new novel, Touch of Fate, is, “Where can I get your book?” Since Amazon carries the title, it is easy to get a copy, but many people also want to know which bookstores will carry the book. That is a simple question with […]

Touch of Fate Sales are Good

Initial sales of Touch of Fate have been good…in fact, has had to reorder and does not currently have any books in stock. For those of you who are trying to find copies of my book, don’t worry, more will be available at soon. You can still order copies at but it […]

Amazon has it!

For those of you who have been keeping track, has been listing my book as “temporarily out of stock” since the release date a week ago. I guess it just took a little longer for Amazon and the other distributors to get the book, but they do officially have it now!

Who is living your life?

At the heart of Touch of Fate is the story of a woman like you or me — one who often feels out of control in her own life. She often feels as if someone else is making decisions and living for her. In her case, she has a very tangible problem — prophecies of […]


I’ve been working hard to get ready for the November 30th release of Touch of Fate. I’m printing up book marks, getting a press release together, and working out how to sell autographed copies through my web site. I expect my “store” to be up when the book comes out.

When I Have Time to Write…

I haven’t posted a lot about my current projects, mostly because past telling you that there are new novels forthcoming, it’s not interesting to talk about the day in, day out process of writing. But as I’m currently stuck and have nothing better to do, I thought I’d give you an update. :=) I’m working […]

Small Delay in Publication

I just learned that Touch of Fate will not be coming out until November 30th, not November 15th as I originally announced. I am not entirely sure what the delays are, but I believe that Twilight Times is releasing a large number of books in the next couple of months and this big push is […]

Final edits and cover art

I know I’ve left everyone hanging for a while. It seems that when there is nothing going on I have all the time in the world to update my blog and when things are happening, I have no time.I have received the final, copy edited version of Touch of Fate for release on ebook ??? […]