How I wrote My First Book

Before I wrote my first book, I had to write at least a million words of crap. Writing a book isn’t a single experience, it’s a journey comprising not only writing lessons, but life lessons. I describe my personal journey in detail in “My Million Words of Crap,” one of the articles available in a […]

The Immortality Virus Blurbs

This week’s mission, if I choose to accept it: Sell The Immortality Virus in 50 words, 150 words, and 250 words. The 150-word version will probably be the back of the book blurb. So, here goes (these are by no means final): 50 words: When Jordan Lacklin finds a way to stop the human aging […]

Writing Workshops

This month, I have been teaching a workshop on beginnings through an on-line chapter of the RWA. I teach workshops from time to time, usually at (in fact, I’m teaching Beginnings there in July, and a Scifi/Fantasy World Building workshop early next year), and I find I quite enjoy it. The young writers who […]

Copy Edits Are In!

Got my second round of editorial feedback for The Immortality Virus last night, so that will keep me busy for a few days. The first round of edits involved a little copy editing, but focused more on content, which luckily didn’t need much. This time, I got a thorough copy edit, which will help make […]

Marketing: Twitter

All right, I’ve done it. I’ve given into peer pressure. I am now on twitter. I have tweeted. Not being prone to thinking in 120 characters or less (I write novels…I don’t even write many short stories), I’m curious how this is going to work, but getting on twitter is one of those modern marketing […]

Cassie’s Story is Complete

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve spent the last year and nine months (since February of 2009, when inspiration struck), working on a series of books subtitled: A Paranormal Mystery.  (Yes, the “para” in paranormal is struck through, at least for the first two books in the series. I admit, this seemed cleverer […]

The Immortality Virus

Very good news, everyone! My second novel, The Immortality Virus, will be published through Twilight Times books. The tentative publication date is June of 2011. There are going to be a lot of changes to the web sit coming soon. I’m going to do a bit of an overhaul, actually, since The Immortality Virus is […]

Paranormal Series Moving Along

I finished a solid draft of “Songbird,” the second book in my Paranormal Mystery series. Since I Only came up with the concept about this time last year, I feel like I’m making excellent progress and best of all, I’m still excited about the story. (When I’m not having the usual author doubts….you know the […]

Read an E-Book Week

It’s Read an E-Book Week (March 7-13th), which means that several places are offering terrific discounts on e-books. Touch of Fate is less than $2 at Barnes and Noble right now (I haven’t seen it cheaper). If you were thinking about buying an e-book, this is the time to do it!