Copy Edits Are In!

Got my second round of editorial feedback for The Immortality Virus last night, so that will keep me busy for a few days. The first round of edits involved a little copy editing, but focused more on content, which luckily didn’t need much. This time, I got a thorough copy edit, which will help make sure that the final product is clean and professional. It will actually go through one more round of edits after this to help minimize those embarrassing typos that come from rushing a book to print. (You sometimes see those in books by established authors whose popularity demands rush jobs — I assure you, they need a copy edit as much as the rest of us!)

I’m also talking to my publisher about cover art possibilities. After some thought, she asked me to rethink my first idea — a graveyard — because she wanted to draw out the science fiction element of the novel. I guess graveyards give more of a mystery or horror feel? I don’t disagree with her, but I have to admit I’m stumped for the moment. Hopefully, there will be some good news on the cover art front soon.

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