Characterization: Choosing a Name

When it comes time to choose names for your characters, there are plenty of strategies you might use: baby names books, Internet searches, random name generators, sitting in a crowded restaurant and writing down the first name you hear … Most of these strategies are fine, especially for characters of secondary importance, but when it […]

Red Tide Rising: $25 Giveaway + Excerpt

BLURB: What good is immortality when every moment is agony? The vampire Ash has returned from his watery grave, proving that death is merely a minor inconvenience. Picking up where he left off? That might not be as easy. Because someone else is vying for Sami’s attention – the last person he ever would have […]

Book Review: Total Surrender

After three amazing books in this series, what a disappointment! So if you’ve been reading this series, you know the setup. The Sin brothers were created in a lab to be raised as soldiers. They have special abilities. They kick ass. They escaped five years ago and ever since then have been searching for a […]

Book Review: Blind Faith

This series just doesn’t quit! I can’t remember the last time I got so hooked. I can’t even say that the books are super unique … to tell you the truth, I saw almost every twist coming. But I didn’t care because I so enjoyed the ride. This book was like chocolate … you just […]

Book Review: Sweet Revenge

As soon as I finished the first book in this series I dashed off to read #2 (hence the reason my review of #1 was so short 🙂 )and it was just as good! This time it’s the oldest of the four brothers, Matt, who finds a soft, sweet girl to love. The four Dean […]

Book Review: Forgotten Sins

I loved this book! I read it all in one go. I could not put it down. It was fun, adventurous, suspenseful, and the romance was steamy! And okay, so an enhanced soldier waking up with amnesia isn’t the most original idea in the world, but I honestly didn’t care. This story was fast-paced and […]

Madison’s Song Cover Art Vote!

I could use some help deciding on the cover art for my upcoming dark fantasy novel, Madison’s Song. I’ve already settled on an image, but I’ve got 6 different color schemes to choose from, plus 6 different fonts! I would really appreciate feedback — just tell me which one you like best. If you like […]

FREE EBOOK: Cassie Scot #1

Twilight Times Books is offering Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective,, book #1 in the Cassie Scot series, for FREE in Ebook format on Monday, March 2nd as part of “Read an Ebook Week.” Click here for mobi (Kindle-friendly) format. Click here for Epub format. Click here for .pdf format. Or click here to look at all the free […]

Clare’s Song

BLURB: Clara was born with a veil, and the ability to see into the future. This much she knows. What she doesn’t know is what other gifts will be revealed when she turns eighteen in a few months. While her grandmother has been diligent in her efforts to prepare her for the inevitable changes to […]

Movie Review: Annie

If you’re going to remake a movie like Annie, you’ve got to do it big! So when I first saw previews for this movie, my instinct was doubt. Then, when I saw the scenes between Will Stacks (Jamie Fox) and Annie (QuvenzhanĂ© Wallis) I thought it could be good to see the story updated. Though […]