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Editing Services

Why choose me?


I consider editing to be a fine art, one that requires, in its way, as much skill as writing fiction. Not only do you need a keen eye for underlying weaknesses, but you need the backbone to be honest, and the suave to phrase it constructively.


What am I offering?


I offer developmental editing, content editing, mentoring, and coaching services to authors and publishers. I’m flexible – each book I edit needs something a little bit different. Sometimes the author isn’t
even entirely sure what it is his/her book needs, and I can often help them figure it out by reading the first chapter(s).

  • A developmental edit is a story edit. I can begin a developmental edit with an outline and a blurb – and actually, these things can help me understand what you are trying to accomplish in your story so I can tell you if you’re succeeding! I can read a rough draft (understanding that it is a rough draft) and help you decide where to take the revision. Depending upon your budget, I can read your book once and give you more general feedback, or read it twice and give you much more targeted, deeper, and specific ideas for improving your story. I look at plot, characters, flow, tone, and style, among other things. I will make sure your book follows genre norms or breaks them convincingly. I can also speak to your specific concerns, whatever they are.
  • A content edit is a deep, in-line edit for story, structure, and style. There is some overlap with developmental editing and with copy editing, but basically this is when I nit-pick your every sentence to make sure it is correct, flows, and advances the story. I may uncover big-picture problems during a content edit; if I do this early enough I will contact you to ask if you would like to switch to a developmental edit (which is faster and cheaper).
  • Mentoring and coaching relationships usually develop after I have done an initial round of editing with an author and we have built some kind of relationship. Coaching is open-ended, ranging from brainstorming to professional counseling. If you’re looking for a coach, the best thing you can do is ask me for a developmental edit and then take it from there.

How much does it cost?

My fees vary based on the type of editing you need and the shape of your manuscript. I wish I could be more specific, but years or experience has taught me how wildly the condition of manuscripts vary. Bear in mind that I am a professional, and I charge professional rates.

For more details, e-mail me with a description of your project and your needs. I may ask you for a sample to help me with my estimate. I may also offer to do a comprehensive, partial edit of the first 5-10 thousand words for a flat fee. When I do this type of edit, I look for everything from nit-picky spelling errors to egregious story errors with a completely open mind – I never know what I’ll find. My report to you should give you a good idea of where your weaknesses are, and in some cases may be all you need. At other times, I can follow this up with a less invasive edit of the rest of the book, looking only for “big picture” story problems.

What types of novels will I edit?

I am comfortable reading any sort of fiction — science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance (even erotica), young adult, suspense, thriller, literary, memoir, historical … I have worked with at least one book in each of the above named genres. Generally speaking, the only things I won’t do are children’s books and poetry.




  • Twilight Times Books 2012-present
  • Elance  2012-present

Novel Publications

  • The Immortality Virus, 2011
    • Winner: 2012 Epic Ebook Award for Science Fiction
    • Winner: 2011 Global Ebook Award for Science Fiction
  • Touch of Fate 2007
    • 2011 Eric Hoffer Award for Legacy Fiction (Honorable Mention)
  • Cassie Scot: Paranormal Detective (coming in 2013)


  • Muse Online Conference from 2006-2011
  • Workshops at Savvy Authors 2009-present
  • Workshops for RWA 2011-present

Other Qualification

  • B.S. in Psychology
  • B.S. in Computer Science
  • Attended Orson Scott Card’s Boot Camp in 2003
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