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Editing Services

Why choose me?

“Christine Amsden is a top-notch editor with expertise in a variety of genres. She approaches each manuscript with intelligence and compassion. A great book needs a good editor. A good book needs a great editor. Christine is definitely a great editor and she has my highest recommendation as an editor, book doctor and/or book coach.” — Lida E. Quillen, Publisher Twilight Times Books

“Christine is a skilled development and copy editor who has played a major role in improving my work”
-Christopher Nuttall, author of Schooled In Magic and Ark Royal.

I consider editing to be a fine art, one that requires, in its way, as much skill as writing fiction. Not only do you need a keen eye for underlying weaknesses, but you need the backbone to be honest, and the suave to phrase it constructively.

What am I offering?

I offer developmental editing, content editing, copyediting, and mentoring services to authors and publishers. I’m flexible – each book I edit needs something a little bit different. Sometimes the author isn’t entirely sure what it is his/her book needs, and I can often help them figure it out by reading the first chapter(s).

  • A developmental edit focuses on the big picture: Is this story working and are you telling the story you think you are? I can begin a developmental edit with an outline and a blurb – and actually, these things can help me understand what you are trying to accomplish so I can tell you if you’re succeeding. I can read a rough draft (understanding that it is a rough draft) and help you decide where to take the revision. I look at plot, characters, flow, tone, and style, among other things. I will make sure your book follows genre norms or breaks them convincingly. I can also speak to your specific concerns, whatever they are. Your developmental edit will come with a detailed analysis of your story with strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. **Please note that this type of editing may include some in-line comments, but it is not a line edit. My goal is to make this my most affordable option.
  • A content edit is a deep, in-line edit for story, structure, and style. There is some overlap with developmental editing (because I make big picture suggestions too) and with copyediting (because I’ll fix technical errors if I happen to see them), but basically this is when I nit-pick your story on a sentence level. I will show you, using margin comments, where you’re info dumping, where your character motivation is unclear, where you’re head-hopping, etc. I will try to show you (not just tell you) how to fix these issues. If you have recurring style errors, I will point them out and demonstrate how to fix them. (To keep this service as budget-friendly as possible, I will not fix every instance of a recurring style problem. There’s always the copyedit for that final bit of polish.)
  • A copyedit is a technical edit, focusing on 3 primary factors (the 3 C’s of copyediting): Clarity, Consistency, and Correctness. Looking at the sentences themselves, and checking each one to make sure it follows the 3 C’s, I seek to prepare your manuscript for publication. A copyedit should not be done before a developmental/content edit … it is your last step. If I agree to do a copyedit, I will only do a copyedit. I will not handle big picture story issues. I might note small-scale story issues that fall under “clarity” and “consistency” but only if the solution can be handled without strenuous revisions that will serve to render the copyedit moot. If I see serious story issues early enough, I will pause in my edits to query you and ask how you want to handle it — giving you the chance to switch to a developmental or content edit instead.
  • Mentoring relationships usually develop after I have done an initial round of editing with an author and we have built some degree or trust. Mentoring is open-ended, ranging from brainstorming to professional counseling. If you’re looking for a mentor, the best thing you can do is ask me for a developmental edit and then see where things go from there.

What types of manuscripts will I edit?

I am comfortable reading any sort of fiction — science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance (even erotica), young adult, suspense, thriller, literary, memoir, historical … I have worked with at least one book in each of the above named genres. Generally speaking, the only things I won’t do are children’s books and poetry.


How much does it cost?

Please note that the fees listed below are tentative. Some manuscripts need more work than others. These fees represent my cost for light to moderate editing. I will not take a job before I have seen a sample manuscript; if I judge it to need heavy editing, I may charge as much as double. I will not work on a manuscript in such bad shape that I would need to charge more than double.

*Please note that while I take short stories and novellas, I might charge slightly more given the up-front demands of editing any project.

  • Developmental editing, 1st pas: $8 per 1,000 words
  • Developmental editing, 2nd and subsequent passes: $5 per 1,000 words
  • Content editing: $10 per 1,000 words
  • Copyediting: $10 per 1,000 words



  • Twilight Times Books 2012-present
  • Elance/Upwork  2012-present

Novel Publications

  • The Immortality Virus, 2011
    • Winner: 2012 Epic Ebook Award for Science Fiction
    • Winner: 2011 Global Ebook Award for Science Fiction
  • Touch of Fate 2007
    • 2011 Eric Hoffer Award for Legacy Fiction (Honorable Mention)
  • Cassie Scot: Paranormal Detective 2013
    • Winner of the 2013 Global Ebook Award for Fantasy
    • Finalist in the 2014 Next Generation Indie Awards
  • Secrets and Lies 2013
    • Winner of the 2014 Global Ebook Award for Fantasy
  • Mind Games 2014
    • Winner of the 2014 Global Ebook Award for Fantasy
    • Winner of the 2015 EPIC awards for Paranormal Fiction
  • Stolen Dreams 2014
    • Winner of the 2015 Global Ebook Award for Contemporary Fantasy
    • Finalist in the 2016 Next Generation Indie Awards for Ebook Fiction
  • Madison’s Song 2015
  • Kaitlin’s Tale 2016


  • Muse Online Conference from 2006-2011
  • Workshops at Savvy Authors 2009-2014
  • Workshops for RWA 2011-2013

Other Qualification

  • B.S. in Psychology
  • B.S. in Computer Science
  • Attended Orson Scott Card’s Boot Camp in 2003
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