Book Review: Unforgettable

Sixty seconds after you turn away from Nat Morgan, you won’t remember anything about him — not how he looks, not what he said, not even what you did together. And if you think that sounds disconcerting to you, just imagine how it feels to Nat.

His mother forgot him every night when she went to sleep, remembering she had a child only because of the extensive notes she left herself each and every day. Nat has no true friends, nor the chance to find true love. The only jobs he is suited to are thief or spy, so he goes to work for the CIA.

One day, on a routine mission to steal some useful technology from a company in Barcelona, he runs into Yelena — a Russian spy after the same thing. They end up handcuffed together, and then, something strange happens — she remembers him.

What follows is a thrilling tale of espionage with the fate of the world — and Nat’s heart — at stake.

Nat was a great character — a genuinely nice guy with a heartbreaking problem that nonetheless made him uniquely qualified to stop an evil plot. There were moments of wry humor, and defining choices.

This is the sort of science fiction story that would make a terrific movie, although the book was very good as well, and probably gave insights into Nat’s character that wouldn’t be easy to translate onto the screen. Nevertheless, it was exciting, fast-paced, and very visual.

I recommend this to science fiction fans.

Rating 4/5

Title: Unforgettable
Author: Eric James Stone
Genre: Science Fiction
Published April 1st 2011

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