Lucifer Season 4 (Now on Netflix)

I discovered Luciver a few months ago after the first three seasons were dumped onto Netflix (they were originally aired on Fox). And this a show that’s, well, not good precisely but bad in a specific way that makes it hard to stop watching. You’ve got the literal devil, Lucifer, teamed up with an LA cop to solve murder mysteries that somehow manage to parallel whatever internal struggle Lucifer is going through. I’ve been enjoying the show, although I thought season 3 was too long (with 26 episodes), that it dragged, and I was quite happy to see Netflix wrestle their newest season down ro 10 episodes.

At least, at first.

Season 4 introduces Eve, the first woman, as Lucifer’s new clingy girlfriend. And a priest is trying to destroy Lucifer because of a prophecy about him bringing evil to the Earth. Meanwhile, all our favorite side characters have plenty of stuff going on. And it was good. It just needed…not 26 episodes but more than 10. We needed that happy medium of 13-18 episodes (seasons 1 and 2) because a lot of things happened abruptly and with less setup than I would have preferred.

Despite that, I continue to enjoy this show and will watch season 5, which I understand will be their last.

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