Haven: Season 1


4/5 stars

I started watching this show with my 11-year-old son a few weeks ago and we’ve been enjoying it a great deal. He might be enjoying it more than me, but then, a lot of the show’s tropes are fresher for him. 🙂

You’ve got your basic cop/paranormal drama set in a small town in Maine. FBI agent Audrey Parker goes to investigate a suspicious death in the first episode, then stays when she sees a newspaper clipping of a woman who looks eerily like her. Perhaps the mother she never knew?

The paranormal element manifests in a string of strange abilities that various members of the community possess. They call them “troubles” and the people who have them “the troubled.” More often than not, these aren’t good things. People die — often unintentionally. Audrey has to try to find out who’s responsible and help them get their trouble under control.

In my opinion, the first few episodes of the show are tedious. There are also a few head-scratching episodes in there that just don’t make sense. But don’t give up! By the end of the first season, the show develops an arc, begins to demonstrate depth, and develops several intriguing mysteries.

I recommend this show to paranormal/fantasy fans.

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