TV Review: Continuum Season 1

Available on Netflix Streaming, I present to you for your summer binge-watching: Continuum Season 1!

This show starts off fairly well. A terrorist attack takes down a building and the people responsible are all sentenced to death. Kiera, a protector (future cop), helps with the arrest and is present at their execution. Except, things don’t go as expected. Instead of dying, the 7 terrorists + Kiera go back in time 65 years to 2012.

Kiera meets Alec, a young man who invented her impressive implants and suit, when she tries to call for backup. She doesn’t realize she’s in 2012 yet, and that the only person who can hear her is the boy who invented the technology she uses to kick ass.

After a strong series opener, this show spun its wheels for a few episodes. It even started to feel like a cop drama with a slight scifi element to it for an episode or 3. From the start, I found myself more curious about Alec, the boy who would be king (or the corporate equivalent) than Kiera, a woman who wanted little more than to return to her husband and child and who didn’t have much of a sense of right and wrong beyond the immediate, legal definition.

But even during the cop-drama stage, things were moving. The 7 terrorists did not remain a coherent unit (they never were to begin with) and they slowly developed personalities and agendas. One of them doesn’t even want to have anything to do with violence. He just wants to live his life in 2012, using his knowledge of the past to get rich off the stock market. He ends up becoming an ally of sorts to Kiera, though I suspect he has a hidden agenda. I think they all do.

And the show rallied in the last few episodes! The second-to-last episode and the season finale were incredibly exciting and have me raring to go for season 2, which is also available on Netflix. Actually, 3 seasons are available with a 4th and final season coming soon.

I’d give this show a solid 4/5. The good things about the show are a solid mystery about how events occurring now are shaping the future and the development of secondary characters, including plots and hidden agendas. The one weakness the show has is the main character, Kiera, who by the end of season 1 isn’t much more than a pawn nor does she seem to have any real depth. Maybe the next season will see more growth in her character … it needs to or she’s going to be overshadowed by her supporting cast.

Overall, I really do recommend!

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