Book Review: Eat Prey Love (Love at Stake #9)

Eat Prey Love (Love at Stake, #9)This corny vampire series continues in book 9, when Shana’s sister Caitlyn comes for her nephew’s birthday party and gets thrust into a world she never imagined. She instantly falls in love with Carlos, a jaguar shape-shifter trying to save his species from extinction. But in order to do that, he must marry and have children with a jaguar shifter like himself.

It was nice to get a break from the vamps in this volume. This story took us into China, where we meet a new enemy who will hopefully keep this series from stagnating. 🙂

I have to admit, though, that the romance in this book didn’t work for me. Granted, this series is never going to step away from the “love at first sight” style, and that’s fine. It’s not my favorite setup but I can accept it. The trouble is the sameness of the characters and the way the romances keep working out. For Caitlyn, in particular, I didn’t entirely buy into her forcefulness — not when she was supposed to be afraid she was unworthy of love. It just seemed like a contradiction to me.

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