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Destiny is written in the stars? Maybe, but when you’re in a black hole you make your own damn destiny.

It’s not every day you get abducted by an alien general, but then, Jerusa Whichab isn’t having an average day. Earth is fading from view and she’s got a decision to make – cooperate with her despotic, yet unnervingly attractive captor or receive an injection of goo. General Toyeb can’t be trusted, and his body-healing, mind-blowing Theta waves leave her panting for more. But what choice does she have if she’s to stay alive?

None, if enemy bounty hunter Berwyck dal Korth has his way. Intent on capturing Jerusa, he performs a binding ritual to ensure she cannot escape him – a ritual with unforeseen side effects for both of them. Forced into hostile proximity, Berwyck and Jerusa battle to subdue their rising attraction, but will they conquer their desire – or succumb?



Escaping me isn’t in your best interests.”

Something in Berwyck’s tone made me wary, but for once I had the upper hand and I was going to slap him with it. “Here’s the deal—you keep your blood bank safe until we get to the compound and I’ll help you beam out the Uneg you need. Comprende?”

It’s you who doesn’t understand.” He expelled a long breath. “As part of the healing ritual I performed I fed you my varr.”

Varr…Now, where had I heard that word before? I rubbed at the scar on my neck and recoiled. “The liquid you poured down my throat was your venom? The same stuff you injected under my skin so you could track me?”

This varr is different,” he said stiffly.

But just as gross.” My stomach roiled. How much had I swallowed in the past five days? Inside my body I had Berwyck’s vile, disgusting venom mixing with vile, disgusting meat. Did he collect it from a gland in his mouth similar to the rhendar’s before he gave it to me, or—oh, God, did he squeeze it out of his veins? Whatever the case, it was rising to the back of my throat. “I’m going to be sick.”

Your body won’t expel my varr,” Berwyck said, through my dry-heaves. “The ritual I performed forces you to accept it as nourishment, not venom. It won’t make you sick, but—” He waited until he had my full attention. “It exacts a price.”

Huh? “I don’t have money.”

Not money.”


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Sienna spent her adolescence staring at the dark skies over the Caribbean coast of Panama, dreaming up romantic adventures she now delights in writing down. She reads, writes and revels in romance, and she’s attracted to off-beat, sexy characters—in fiction and in real life! These days she lives a long way from the Caribbean, but when she drags her husband and children to Hermitage Castle to gaze at the stars, the vast beauty of space makes her feel at home. Who knows, maybe an alien will pop down and invite them on a ride?

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