Stolen Dreams in AUDIO!

Stolen Dreams: A Cassie Scot Novel, Book 4 | [Christine Amsden]


I am a BIG audiobook fan, so when I got the chance to turn the Cassie Scot Series into audio productions, I jumped on it. Melissa Reizian Frank is a true professional; talented and easy to work with.

For me, audiobooks are a near necessity. I am legally blind. This doesn’t mean I can’t see (in large print), just that even Ereaders give me headaches and at the end of the day, after I’ve worked hard in my usual 26 to 36-point  font, it’s nice to let someone tell me a story instead. I curl up with my audiobook player, close my eyes, and live the story inside my mind.

There are tons of great reasons to listen to audiobooks though. I’ll also listen while I clean the house. Many like to listen while driving to or from work, or on long trips. It’s a hands-free method of reading that still gives you all the heart of the story.

If you’re an audiobook lover too, check out the Cassie Scot Series. Read them in order! (I’ve only said that a thousand times. Hope people are listening. 🙂 )


Here’s the link for the latest:

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