Mind Games Week in Review



This week has mostly been a week of great new reviews! But I did get in an interview with Desert Rose who, like so many others, wanted to know:

~Rose: Do you plan on writing other books after this series is finished?

~Christine: Yes, but I’m not sure what yet. I do still have to finish the two spin-offs. Madison’s Song is in the editorial phase (and should be out in early 2015) but Kaitlin’s Tale is in early rough draft form. When I’m done with that I think I’ll do what I did for Cassie … take a writing hiatus and wait for inspiration to strike. When I force the issue, things seem to go badly. If it takes a while for inspiration to strike, I may try a writing how-to book. I’ve got some extensive notes for one already.

But there will be more stories. I’m only 37 and have a lot of years ahead of me to create!


” Cassie has got to be one of my favorite female leads in a book.”

“After the intensely emotional roller coaster of Secrets and Lies, I had no idea what the third installment in this series would reveal about Cassie’s life.  This book picked up right where the second one left off, and pulled me right back into the emotional turmoil between Cassie and Evan. “

“The main thing I love about Christine Amsden’s books is that the woman gives you a STORY. ‘Mind Games’ drags you in so that you worry about characters and what’s happening to them.There are moments that are heart stopping..”

“All in all, another great installment of the Cassie Scot series.”

“Before I go ranting and raving about how awesome this book is and how you must buy it and all the others ones… because I can, just know that I highly recommend it. It’s great for paranormal and detective lovers out there. Trust me! You won’t be sorry you did!”

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