Movie Review: The Core

The other night I was in the mood for a disaster flick. You know what I’m talking about — implausible scenario involving loads of death and destruction before the hero and heroine save the world in some unlikely way. So I checked around and found The Core on Netflix instant viewing.

This movie had a few moments, I’ll grant, but it was short on those gripping scenes of destruction. There were a few… they all seemed too short to me. Too abrupt. Then we were back with the hero and heroine as they discovered that the Earth’s core had stopped rotating and decided to start it up again with a well-placed nuclear bombs. The burrowed all the way to the center of the planet in a specially designed ship featuring an unotanium (yes) hull.

The characters were exactly what you’d expect (there was even the token black man — I thought of him as “token” though I’m sure he had another name), and they died in precisely the order I anticipated. I wish they’d have died a little better. Some of the moments of death were almost random and hard to take seriously.

All in all, I wanted more things to burn or blow up. I guess I’m just bloodthirsty that way. 🙂

But if you’re the kind of person who watches these movies for the heroes and the problem solving, go for it. You can find it on your Netflix instant viewing.

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