Movie Review: Timeline

This 2003 movie is available for streaming on Netflix.

I found this movie to be lifeless. Plot and characters were thin, without enough supporting details to fill in a complete picture of what, precisely, was going on by the end.

In this movie, a professor goes back to 1357, gets trapped there, and 7 people end up following him on a rescue mission. The company that is responsible for this time travel, ITC, is having some internal struggles of its own, but these struggles were not well depicted and I find myself unclear about the motivations of the people running the company, what they hoped to accomplish by any of their actions both leading up to and during the story, or why it ended up concluding the way it did.

As for the people who went back in time, their story was clearer, but also thin. The characterization was weak and the acting subpar, especially when it came to the leads Chris and Kate. I honestly didn’t care whether or not they escaped the 14th century to return home or not.

My first words after watching the movie were, “That was stupid.” It wasn’t awful. TO be honest, I imagine it will end up being forgettable. And it was definitely stupid.

All in all, 2 out of 5 stars rounding up. I don’t recommend this unless you are seriously in love with time travel and Medieval warfare and even then… watch at your own risk!

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