Book Review: The Midnight Bride

Midnight Bride (St. Leger, #3)In the final volume of the St. Leger series, Kate is in love with Val. But Val has been told by the bride finder in no uncertain terms that there is no one for him. That he will always be alone. And St. Legers have to marry whoever the bride finder chooses for them — or no one at all. To do otherwise is to bring a curse down upon themselves and their spouse.

But Kate loves Val, and has done so all her life. So she casts a love spell on him.

Meanwhile, an old family enemy, Rafe, has returned to exact vengeance on Val. Only something goes wrong. Part of his soul goes inside Val, and part of Val’s soul goes inside him.

I almost went three stars on this one because there is a glaring plausibility issue. I can’t tell you exactly what it is without turning spoilers on, but I will say this: I saw it coming from a mile away but when I got there, the one thing I wanted to know was, “Why?” And I never got an answer.

There were parallel stories going on here — Val with Kate and Rafe with a widow and her son. I found Rafe’s story to be the more compelling of the two, even though it was meant to be secondary. The villain in search of redemption angle was well done, and I totally bought it here.

Overall, and if I could get that silly plausibility problem out of my head, this is the best book in the series. I recommend.


Rating: 3.5/5

Title: Midnight Bride (St. Ledger #3)
Author: Susan Carroll

ISBN: 0345436369

Published December 2006

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