Release dates and marketing

Lida Quillen, the publisher at Twilight Times, has recently informed me that the tentative release date for “Touch of Fate” on e-book will be September 15th, 2006.

I am now working hard to put together a marketing campaign. Much of the success of a book, once it has been published, is directly related to how hard an author pushes his/her work. I’ve gotten this far. How silly would I be to let go of my dream when hard work is all that stands between it and me?

I have begun compiling ideas for selling the paperback version of this novel come next Spring, but my focus at the moment is on selling the e-book version, especially now that it has a tentative release date. I am targeting online conferences, making plans to host question and answer sessions (either live or through e-mail), putting my book’s information in the footer of every e-mail I send, and of course, keeping this web page up to date.

With the new release date I would expect to see more activity on this blog. I welcome questions and comments!

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