Cassie Scot Video Trailer

It’s becoming more and more popular to make a video trailer for novels these days. I’m not sure how much marketing influence they have, but it came with my Pump Up Your Book tour (beginning next month) so here it is!

I put a lot of work into this in the end. Most video trailers these days are all text and background music — no voice overs. They’re like commercials expecting you to read the TV screen. Silly, and ineffective. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that no one wants to read a commercial. So I asked for voice-overs.

That might have been the end except the voice-overs came back sounding so obviously computer generated that it would never work. Whatever else Cassie is, she’s definitely supposed to come across as real and human!

So I got a good friend, Crystal Futrell, to come over and record the lines. She’s got a friendly voice that seemed to record very well. (What’s the audio version of photogenic?) They sound much better now!

Like most book trailers, this is a series of stock photos put together with background music and the additional voice to tell you my less-than-one-minute hook. In my dream world, I’d have enough money to hire an animator or live actors. In the real world, though, I am pleased with the result.

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