Attn Fellow Chocolate Snobs: An Easter Lesson

Whew! I managed to pull off Easter for the family this year, but it was a near thing. And really, my reasoning was sound. Why stock up on Easter candy weeks in advance, only to have it sitting on a shelf or in a closet, tempting me? Oh, it’s “hidden” from everyone else, but *I* know where it is. And it knows my weakness. Good. Quality. Chocolate.

My husband gets Good Friday off of work — the one day a year he’s off work but the kids aren’t off school. Free baby-sitting! So we decided to do our Easter shopping on Good Friday.

This strategy will work if you either don’t know or don’t care about the difference between good chocolate and the stuff Americans usually call chocolate (but I’m not sure is). Yes, the shelves were picked over, but there were plenty of Hershey’s Bunnies. Even some Russell Stover’s. (Sorry, Mom. I just can’t agree that it’s any good.)

But where was the Lindt? Or…or…okay, I’ll take a Dove. In a pinch, you know?

We had to go to another store. Luckily, Wal-Mart had *precisely* 4 Lindt gold bunnies in stock. Had. Past tense. I took care of that problem for them.

Guess I’m not the only one who’s figured out that it’s only a little bit more expensive to buy much, much better chocolate, (At least in quantities that one should reasonably eat. If you’re buying a 2-ton bag of Halloween candy, I concede the point.)

Next year, it’s back to shopping early. I’d ask for help hiding the candy until Easter, but I trust the rest of you about as much as I trust myself. 🙂

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