Rereading Wheel of Time: A Crown of Swords (Book 7)

And the slowing continues…

This book only covers about two weeks, shorter than any span of time in the other books. Ebu Dar is a big focus, where Elayne and Nynaeve are trying to find the bowl of the winds. Mostly though, it was a nudge here and there, ending with a big push that was long in coming, but somehow out of the blue at the exact same time. Strange, that.

A few key things did happen here, but overall I feel like this is the least good (I don’t want to say worst because it implies this is bad, which it isn’t) of the series. I finish this book feeling impatience more strongly than any other emotion.

And I’m only halfway through! 🙂

Rating 4/5

Title: A Crown of Swords
Author: Robert Jordan
ISBN: 0812550285
Published November 1997

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