Cassie Scot Cover Art Reveal!

After much delay and anticipation, here it is, the cover art for my upcoming novel, Cassie Scot: ParaNormal Detective!

Drum roll please….


The cover art was painted by Ural Akyuz.

Some of you may be wondering: What’s going on in the picture?

The woman is Cassie, more or less as I envisioned her when I wrote her. I even provided the artist with a link to a picture of the outfit she is wearing, though he adjusted the color to better suit the background. She’s looking off into the distance, thinking of… well, any number of things. This series is written in the first person, and a lot of it takes place inside Cassie’s head. There is a mystery, some romance, and even a bit of action, but her own desire to be something more than she is drives the story. It will drive the entire series, actually, only resolving in the final volume.

There is a glow coming from the lake, one the crescent moon can’t fully account for. This is an abstract, a representation of a source of magic that Cassie can’t see and is therefore not looking at, though she knows it’s there somewhere. It is intentionally subtle, and I don’t expect most readers to pick up on it. It’s enough that I know it’s there, and if you care to buy into it, then so do you. 🙂

Mostly though what I asked for, and what I got, was lovely cover art. There is some darkness in this story, but it is full of light, life, and hope. The leaves are green, the plants are in bloom, and Cassie has a snapdragon tucked behind her ear.

If you haven’t read the first few chapters yet, check them out.

Firm release date May 15, 2013. Expect regular updates for important news.

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