Expected Delays

Cassie Scott: ParaNormal Detective, is still coming soon, though perhaps not as soon as we’d hoped. I won’t have anything firm for a few weeks, but we’ve only just been able to get the cover artist we wanted, and he needs some time to complete his work.

I have been waiting on a cover image to begin my full-scale marketing launch. For those who don’t know, books typically need at least 3 months of pre-luanch once they are complete. This gives them time to get reviewed by pre-release reviewers and websites which will not consider a book once is has been released. In some cases, they won’t consider reviewing a book without a good 3-4 month lead-in.

Despite the delay, I am pleased with the possibilities for my latest cover. I won’t release his name until I release the cover, but this time we’re not doing computerized images. This is going to be an original painting.

Stay tuned! More updates will be coming soon.

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