The Immortality Virus Sequel

This morning, I had a wonderful new review go up at Mommy Reads Too Much. In the review, a question came up regarding possible sequels, and since it isn’t the first such question I’ve received, I wrote up a response. I wanted to repeat my response here on my own blog, because it’s the first time I’ve gotten specific, and I wanted all my loyal followers to know.

Since you brought it up, I will say this about a possible sequel: I have notes and ideas, but I have not begun work on a sequel. I am actually hard at work on the last book in a 4-part urban fantasy series right now. It will be coming out starting in February 2013 (and then come out pretty much back to back). It has stolen my time and attention right now, and if I’m being honest — my heart.

BUT I still have the notes and ideas, and the project I’m working on now won’t last forever. If I do write a sequel, you may be surprised by my approach. I consider Grace Harper’s story to be over at the end of The Immortality Virus, but the world itself was very open-ended. The sequel I envision would take place many years in the future, and the world will have changed such that a small, godlike elite hold the power of eternal youth, while the masses age and die normally. If I can work it right, the sequel should even stand alone (so that the two books could be read in either order).

I hope it isn’t too disappointing that I haven’t started yet, or even have firm plans to start. On the reader’s side, I get the frustration, but on the author’s side, I know I have to write the story that’s in my heart right now, or it won’t be worth reading.

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